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Self Development & Work Experience


Nutrition-related job experience: Why you may want to consider Food Services (Guest Post)

Collaboration Post: Summertime Work Advice

Summer’s coming up – Do you have nutrition-related work? (Guest Post)

My Experience Working as a GA: Graduate Assistant

Resume Tips

How Being Human Should Come Out on Your Resume. Part One.natalie-grainger-177063-unsplash

How Being Human Should Come Out on Your Resume. Part Two.

Why You Should Be on LinkedIn, Yesterday

LinkedIn Tips, Tricks and HACKS

Opportunities Come in the Weirdest Packages

Mentor vs. Menteemarten-bjork-707746-unsplash

Guest Post: Why Everyone Should Volunteer: How To Give Back Using Your Skills in Nutrition and Health

Guest Post: Advice I wish I was given about working on the Journey to RD

Good Reads for Everybody: Words of Wisdom and Lessons Learned


I Never Wanted to be the Girl Who Wanted to be Somewhere Else

Why I was Protective of My Time Off And You Should Be Too

How a Sexy Dance Class Helped Me in My Dietetic Career

The partner who lit the fire in me, and the partner who loves the fire in me.  Part 2.

The partner who lit the fire in me, and the partner who loves the fire in me.    Part 1.

“You can waste your life drawing lines or you can live your life crossing them”The Adventure Begins

Confronting Your Inner Imposter

Convocation + Family Visit = Dividing Chicken Breasts?

Words of Wisdom from Fellow Bloggers

The Bench – A Pivotal Moment

Internship Application Help

Application Prepanthony-tran-679123-unsplash

Internship Apps – When, Where, and How Do I Start?!

Advice from Previous Internship Applicants

Confronting Your Inner Imposter

Obsessing Over Internship Applications

Managing Stress During the Dietetic Application Process

Why Knowing Yourself Prepares You as a Dietetic Student and Professional: Part 1

Why knowing yourself prepares you as a dietetic student and professional: Part 2 (How to do it!!). 


How Being Human Should Come Out on Your Resume. Part One.

How Being Human Should Come Out on Your Resume. Part Two.

Choosing a Reference

Holding Your References’ Hand: Part 1 – Seeking Them Out

Holding Your References’ Hand: Part 2 -Nagging the F Out of Them

rawpixel-668346-unsplashFeeling Alone in a Crowded Room

The Application That Turned Into A Self-Help Project

Don’t Marry Your Dates

4 Things I’m Glad I DIDN’T Know About Masters Programs

How the f#@! do I keep all these applications straight?!

Collaborative Post – What are dietetic interns GLAD they did during the application process, and what do they WISH they did?

Seeking Advice From Past Interns – Part I

Seeking Advice From Past Interns – Part II


Interview Prep


How Dating Helped Me Land an Internship

Interview Tips from MPH Nutrition/Dietetics Candidate, Susan Barry


Interview Stuff – To Rehearse or not to Rehearse?

Interview Stuff – The Tough Question

Interview Stuff – What to Pack When Travelling

A Series of (Kinda) Fortunate Events – An Interview Experience Story

Good Reads During the Waiting Game

Appreciating What is Left Untouchedthought-catalog-470985-unsplash

How I knew my success wouldn’t come on ‘Match Day’

What NOT to Say to Your Friends Who Aren’t Placed Yet

Guest Post: For Applicants Who Haven’t Landed an Internship Yet

Post-Internship Application

Celebrate Every Stepjared-rice-388260-unsplash.jpg

‘Didn’t Get An Internship/Masters?  How to Turn it Into Something Good.’

The Success Story of an Unsuccessful* Applicant

So, you didn’t get a dietetic internship. Now what? Lessons learned by a current graduate student. 

I start my internship tomorrow, and I’m scared AF

Embodying Empathy

Experience Categorized by Program:

Ryerson MHSc in Nutrition Communication – Toronto, ON:

My Highlights of Ryerson’s MHSc. Program

2 Weeks Left! A Reflection on my Internship *A good read for a potential intern of any program!

University of Toronto Master of Public Health – Toronto, ON:

Guest Feature: Madison’s Internship/Masters Experience (UofT)

University of Guelph – Guelph, ON:

Guest Post: Maude’s Reflection on the MAN Program at the University of Guelph

Internship at Eastern Health – St. John’s, NL

Guest Feature: Brianna’s Internship Experience

Acadia University Integrated Internship and Co-op Program – Wolfville, Nova Scotia:

Guest Feature: Tyler’s Take on Internship


Dietetics Down Under – Part I

Dietetics Down Under – Part II


The Last Step on the Journey to RD:

CDRE Part 1: How to Register and What to Expect

CDRE Part 2: Exam Structure and How to Prepare

Shit That Didn’t Fit Anywhere Else

The Game Plan

Breaking Out of First Week Panic Mode