So What’s This About?

This is not your ordinary nutrition blog.


This is a space where those in the dietetic field, whether that be students, interns, prospectives or registered dietitians, can share their honest, personal experiences – their failures and their successes, their lowest points and their highest… what they know now and what they wish they knew then. You’ll get a glimpse into a day in the life of some of these lovely beings  – not just their ‘professional life’ but also their REAL life.

‘Let’s Talk. Real Talk.’ aims to bend the barrier between ‘personal’ and ‘professional’ life and let some of that human emotion seep through.

So chances are you are here because you’re curious about what this ‘real talk’ fuss is about. In this profession I feel like there is an incredible amount of pressure to be outstanding, top-notch, brilliant, professional, etc, etc. – you know what I’m getting at.

In this mad rush to strive and achieve and succeed, do you ever feel like you forget that you’re human?

That there is more to you than just the professional bit?

I started feeling consumed when I was in undergrad, but I realized that it doesn’t stop once you reach that first goal you set for yourself. So that’s this ‘real talk’ stuff: hearing from a fellow dietitian (c) in her complete raw, honest, human form. Hear more about this mindset in my first blog post here.

I am Acacia, and I’ll be sharing my personal stories and perspectives with you. Why? Because, well, I never felt like I had someone like that in my life through the journey… to ask what to wear to an interview, how to arrange my travel, how to approach people who are complete strangers and much higher achievers than me (Networking.. *shudder*). So I muddled through, and am still muddling through the experience myself and I would love to share it with you guys to learn from.

Though I’ve made many professional connections, sometimes I feel like the personal connection is missing between us, and that is where the true human connection is. In my experience when you meet someone who gets you, and I mean, gets you, some weight off your shoulders is lifted… you sigh a breath of relief and somehow you just relax into the shell of who you are, rather than exhausting yourself trying to fill the shell of who you want to be.

And that is the kind of relief I hope you get from this space.






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