Behind the Scenes

Stressed? Inspired? Exhilarated? Overwhelmed?

If you’ve felt any of these on your dietetic journey, I am with you. It’s quite likely we were in the same boat in many ways. (Actually, if you dig deep enough on here you’ll find a pic of me as a student deliriously laugh-crying on the kitchen floor. Don’t pretend you haven’t been there…)

It was just a few years ago that I was up to my ears in program brochures, personal statements, a calendar full of deadlines, and little light at the end of the tunnel. But now I’m on the other side to tell you that there is a light!

So Who Am I?


Woah, that’s a big question. Let’s start here: I am a brand new Registered Dietitian in Nova Scotia and a graduate of Ryerson University’s Master of Health Science Nutrition Communication program. What am I up to? Well, it depends on the day really. You can likely catch me hopping from contract to contract (early career probs amiright?!), but loving every minute of it! Be sure to follow the blog’s instagram and facebook and you might catch some updates on my recent whereabouts.

And Why Am I Doing This?

Well, I think it’s fair to say I have more life experience than the average 20-something and I’ve become inspired to share that with you. It has been a rough road for me but the day I decided to pursue dietetics was life-changing. It’s true that when you know, you know. Though I felt like I was up against the world in the years that followed, I kept trucking through. After a lot of heavy thinking, I decided to be open about my struggles, my lessons, my life-changing moments and all the personal behind-the-scenes ‘grit’. Why? Well through it all I wished I had someone, who I could relate to, who could share those things with me.

PLUS it dawned on me that there are sooo many wonderful nutrition professionals who’ve been through the process themselves and have a lot of wisdom to offer, so why not tap into that? I recognized a divide between professionals and students and [even worse] between students and students. The nature of this competitive field really exacerbates those divides and we can all end up feeling alone in crowded rooms. Right? My vision for this space is that it makes some connections, opens up dialogue and offers guidance and support to everybody on this roller coaster journey.

To hear more about what my intentions are behind the blog and what sort of content I post here, check out the ‘So what’s this about?’ page.

In the meantime, let’s continue the ‘getting-acquainted’ thing we’ve got going on here:


Photo of Acacia and siblingsA little more about me… hmm, let’s see.. well I moved back from Toronto back home to the East Coast in September 2018 and I am over the moon to be closer to my siblings, family, and partner! I am the proud sister to these two and miss them millions when I’m away. With the age difference, 9 years between my sister and I, 12 between my brother, and having moved out of the family home fairly young, I developed more of a ‘cool aunt’ relationship with them.

(Though I have been known to get quite maternal and emotional when my BABY sister started dating….  Let’s not talk about that. Ever.)







In short, I am a big sap, a huge romantic… all that cheesy stuff. But best of all, I am the girl who finally got it right. Check out my posts about sacrifice, the influence of a real partner, and of loving yourself first.

(Because it’s taken me a while to master it and it could do you good to learn from (and/or laugh at) my mistakes!)


When I moved to the Annapolis Valley in 2015 I fell in love, in more ways than one. I fell in love with Nova Scotia’s wine industry. I am no wine connoisseur by any means but I have been lucky to learn from some really amazing people in the field. Of course, I am all about healthy living but I am also a strong supporter of living a little. And what do I love at the end of a busy day? Having my feet up, my onesie on, and focusing on nothing else in my life but the array of flavours on my palate.



So there we go, that’s just a little something about me to get you started. Since I am writing from a completely personal perspective, you’ll attain a lot more through my posts. So be sure take a peek at the post directory to see where you can get started! Oh, and… 

P.S. It’s Not Just Me


Because what’s the point in me blabbering on about my own thoughts, experiences and opinions and making no space for others?! I try to make this space as well-rounded as I can by bringing in writers from all over to share their words of wisdom as well. A HUGE thank you to all who have contributed thus far, and an advanced thanks to those who will. (Which, p.s.s. if that’s you, get in touch today! 😉 )












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