Remember What You Have is Once All You Wanted

You know how we’re all go go go and onto the next thing before we even stop for a second to breathe? I rambled on about this in the last blog so if you haven’t checked it out yet you can here, but today I’m looking at things from a perspective that you HAVE to consider.

A while ago I came across a quote (that I can’t find right now so don’t haggle me for trying to infringe copyright – I’m not) that went something like this…

Why do we get caught up in our lives and keep saying with a heavy sigh and tone of regret, “I have to”? “Ugh, I have to work that day”, “I can’t, I have to clean the house”, “When I get home I have to study”, “I have to take the dog out to walk”, etc. etc. Think about the magic that will happen when we turn that ‘I have to’ into “I GET to”.  

I GET to go to work.

I GET to clean the house I live in.

I GET to study and obtain an education.

I GET to take my doggie out. (Throwing shade at all of you out there with doggies because I’m hella jealous)

Think about it: The day you got that job you were probably bouncing off the walls. The day you got accepted for that application to lease or buy you were definitely celebrating. The day you got into that program or secured that funding to support your education and future was crazy exciting. And don’t even get me started about the day you got your dog… I’m not even going there. But just think about it – those things were BLESSINGS. And still are!!!


They were once things you wanted SO bad and now we shrug at them like they’re the biggest pains in our butts. We’re all guilty of it though, myself included!

When I started thinking about this for the first time my mind jumped right back to when I was preparing to move for my graduate program. I was preparing to move from Nova Scotia to Toronto and getting an apartment was tough s#$!. In such a competitive market nobody would give the girl in another province the time of day. Oh, and that girl is on a budget? Oh, and wants to live by herself? Ouuu, good luck.

Long story short, someone up there was looking after me and somehow I was granted the best apartment (with a cherry tree in the yard might I add!!), the best landlord, and all within budget. Such a blessing.

However fast forward to me actually living in Toronto. It was tough. It hit me like a ton of bricks when I realized the city was not for me – for more reasons than one. It came with such hardship that I lost sight of that blessing pretty quickly. Then I became overwhelmed with school work – I was constantly with my head in a book. Constantly looking over my shoulder afraid of the big city and scary people. Constantly thinking in the future – what I had to do next, what networking event to go to, what blog post to write, what assignment to get a start on, etc. etc.

I was so caught up and at times so frustrated, that I almost forgot that everything I had was exactly what I once wanted [and worked my butt off for].

A pivotal moment.

Amongst the bustle one evening, I stopped for a moment in the doorway of my bedroom. Standing there I could see the kitchen and living space to my left, the bedroom and bathroom to the right. It was dimly lit. It was quiet. It was beautiful. 

It was mine.

Then it hit me: I did it. I got exactly what I wanted.


I just stood there to take it in. For the first time in a long time, or maybe ever, I stood back to look at what I had and appreciate it, and praise myself for getting it. Instead of wallowing in thoughts of disappointment, fear, and misery living in the city, I thought about how lucky I was to have this beautiful space under the care of such a kind landlord, for such an incredible opportunity and education.

So I encourage you all to take a look today at your surroundings from a different lens. How badly did you once want what you now have?

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